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Don't wait until another earthquake or catastropic storm wreaks havoc -- you can protect your possessions with a current, accurate appraisal.



Your insurance policy can provide full compensation if supported by a specialised inventory and valuation.



Such a valuation gives an accurate description of all your possessions, antique or modern, with estimated replacement cost of each item.



In the event of a claim it will be accepted by an insurance company as evidence of exsistence and value.



A professional valuation is needed:


  • To ensure that your furnishings are adequately insured

  • To claim full replacement value

  • To ascertain the value of individual items should you wish to sell

  • To provide an equidable basis for family division

  • To discover unsuspected treasures


With over 34 years of experience, Something to Sell About can provide an appraisal in a concise and proper fashion. Call us for further information, or visit our web site.


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